Someone's Jeans Tied in a Knot, Christian Burnoski

Someone's Jeans Tied in a Knot, 2012
37 cm x 90 cm


Anonymous Works, Christian Burnoski

Anonymous Works, 2010-2012
found testing pad paper mounted on canvas, acrylic
122 cm x 178 cm


Cobalt, Christian Burnoski

Cobalt, 2012
cobalt blue paint from three different brands on canvas
55 cm x 195 cm


Tennis Ball Under Hat with White Buttons, Christian Burnoski

Tennis Ball Under a Hat with White Buttons, 2013
wool felt bowler hat, plastic buttons
37 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm


Around in a Straight Line, Christian Burnoski

Around in a Straight Line (photo 17), 2012
1 of 17 color photo prints
30 cm x 37 cm
Death Valley, California US


White Wall Between Two Paintings, Christian Burnoski

White Wall Between Two Paintings, 2012
acrylic on canvases, blank wall
dimensions vary
Nothings (and Somethings)
II II // I, Berlin 2013


Red (typed left-handed) Pink (typed right-handed), Christian Burnoski

Red (typed left-handed), Pink (typed right-handed) on 5X7 paper, 2014
ink on paper
2 frames, each 14 cm x 19 cm


FREEDOM, Christian Burnoski Jonathan Monk

discarded canvas from Jonathan Monk, neon
120 cm x 60 cm


Stacked on One Side, Christian Burnoski

Stacked on One Side, 2011
wooden frame, pressed wood boards, digital prints
190 cm x 230 cm


Vine St, Christian Burnoski

Vine St., 2012
holes cut in canvas, acrylic
120 cm x 255 cm


Stripes without Stars, Christian Burnoski

Stripes Without Stars, 2013
nylon American flag
diameter 63 cm


Buy Something New, Buy Something Used, Christian Burnoski

Buy Something New, Buy Something Used, 2013
US dollar bills
37 cm x 45 cm x 1 cm


With And Without, Christian Burnoski

With and Without, 2013
clothes drying rack, acrylic on wall
54 cm x 131 cm


Chipboard Intersections, Christian Burnoski

Chipboard Intersections (Photos 1, 2, 3, & 4), 2012
color photo prints
4 frames, each 72 cm x 102 cm


Amazon Paintings, Christian Burnoski

Amazon Paintings, 2013
acrylic on paper
4 frames, each 29 cm x 37 cm


Paul McCartney/Paul McCarthy, Christian Burnoski

Paul McCartney/Paul McCarthy, 2010
color photo print
40 cm x 60 cm